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Agents disconnect weblogic server

  • 1.  Agents disconnect weblogic server

    Posted 04-10-2012 07:18 PM
    I have a problem with 4 agents that were installed on a server that has 4 nodes weblogic, the problem is that when the weblogic server is in warning off for either of the 4 agents and immediately stops reportar.La version I have is 9.1 for the EMs (MOM I have 1 and 2 cluster collectors are installed on virtual servers with Windows 2008 R2 OS enterprise). Version of agents is 9.1 and the OS that has the server is RedHat are the agents. And memory issues were reviewed and ability of EMs, everything is good about these issues.
    It has also set up a PowerPack for Apache and is working with JVM 1.5 and EMs is working with JVM 1.6.

    anyone can help me.

  • 2.  RE: Agents disconnect weblogic server

    Posted 04-19-2012 02:32 PM
    Am I correct that your WebLogic JVMs do start up and then fail?
    What do the agent logs say? What about the app server logs?
    Did you use the agent installer, or did you install manually?
    Did you upgrade from a previous version?