Re:Re: Non V 1 DC-COBOL calling Non V 1 DC-COBOL

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    Posted 07-31-2008 03:36 AM

    I was able to cancel once when I was in the CV and did a DCMT V TASK
    TERM but the other times if we are not in the CV we have not been able
    to get in and stop it. At this time my concern is more about debugging
    by using V 2 of the DC-COBOL to add the snaps etc. When I was able to
    cancel the task our end of day stats showed that the dialog had been
    called many times and so had the first DC-COBOL program. We believe that
    this is a unique situation where something is happening in one of the
    DC-COBOL programs that makes the dialog believe that all is fine but it
    isn't and so it keeps making the call to the DC-COBOL.

    I have one question that someone can answer/confirm my beliefs.

    DC-COBOL should be able to handle bad error-status codes by having the
    DML statement end with ON ANY-STATUS CONTINUE. This should be followed
    by explicitly testing the error-status for known codes, zero and then
    all else. One of the DC-COBOL programs is doing a GET QUEUE. If this
    returns a certain error-status it will abend I believe, because the
    checking might not catch it without the ON ANY-STATUS CONTINUE followed
    by the explicit testing of error-status. Am I right in making this
    assumption with a PROTOCOL of MODE IS IDMS-DC DEBUG?



    Note. I work much more with MS SQL than I do with IDMS nowadays so the
    rust is showing!