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Java Agent - AutoNaming Not Working

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  • 1.  Java Agent - AutoNaming Not Working

    Posted 01-02-2019 01:56 PM



    We are currently experiencing an issue with some of our Java agents not picking up their names anymore. These agents had previously worked when naming themselves to appear as BPM_NodeName_Cluster from the individual jvms. Below are the properties set on the agent and the profile has not changed in a few years. 





    Typically the unique agent name is set automatically without any other configuration expect in the IntroscopeAgent.profile. 


    Is there anything that can be check on the application side? Are there any work arounds? Any suggestions on what to check next?




  • 2.  Re: Java Agent - AutoNaming Not Working

    Posted 01-02-2019 02:10 PM

    Please let us know your APM version and agent version. Also let us know which container you're working with.


    Typically autonaming works in conjunction with WebAppSupport.jar being used as a Startup Class for Java containers, such as WebSphere, WebLogic, and JBoss.

  • 3.  Re: Java Agent - AutoNaming Not Working

    Posted 01-02-2019 02:55 PM

    Hi Haruhiko,


    Its a very old agent version: 9550


    We have been using the Agent.jar for this agent and other agents in different environments and have not seen an issue with autonaming before. 


    I noticed when the last time it autonamed itself correctly the agent log mentioned that it determined the name from the Application Server Naming Mechanism. What is that referring to exactly? Is this something configured on the application server that might have gotten reset or erased? Or is this referencing the auto-name enabled property being set to true?




  • 4.  Re: Java Agent - AutoNaming Not Working
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    Posted 01-02-2019 03:04 PM

    this link is for 9.6 (which BTW both 9.5 and 9.6 are no longer supported): https://docops.ca.com/ca-apm/9-6/en/implementing-agents/java-agent/configure-java-monitoring/java-agent-naming 


    under each Java container are instructions for configuring and enabling a startup class: https://docops.ca.com/ca-apm/9-6/en/implementing-agents/java-agent/install-the-java-agent/configure-application-server-to-use-the-java-agent 

  • 5.  Re: Java Agent - AutoNaming Not Working

    Posted 01-02-2019 03:39 PM

    Thanks Haruhiko!


    In one of the documents:


    To enable automatic agent naming

    1. In the IntroscopeAgent.profile, set introscope.agent.agentAutoNamingEnabled to true.
    2. Make the following application server-specific changes:
      • For WebLogic, create an Introscope Startup Class.
      • For WebSphere, create an Introscope Custom Service.
      • For JBoss, create an XML file.



    What Custom Service is it referring to?

  • 6.  Re: Java Agent - AutoNaming Not Working

    Posted 01-02-2019 04:13 PM

    click on the second link i sent previously

  • 7.  Re: Java Agent - AutoNaming Not Working

    Posted 01-04-2019 01:09 PM

    Thanks Haruhiko Davis!


    A few follow up questions:

    - The custom service is this section of the documentation: "Configure a Custom Service in IBM WebSphere" correct? In working environments that custom service for the WebAppSupport.jar is not defined. What is this jar doing exactly?

    - In the logs when the auto naming was working it logged the following:


    10/31/18 05:39:24 PM EDT [INFO] [IntroscopeAgent.Agent] Unable to automatically determine the Agent Name because: The Application Server naming mechanism is not yet available.
    10/31/18 05:39:29 PM EDT [ERROR] [IntroscopeAgent.Agent] /opt/wily/introscope/jmxconfig.properties (No such file or directory)
    10/31/18 05:39:39 PM EDT [INFO] [IntroscopeAgent.Agent] Using the Agent Name "AppClusterMember" determined by the Application Server naming mechanism.
    10/31/18 05:39:39 PM EDT [INFO] [IntroscopeAgent.Agent] Initial agent name set to AppClusterMember



    What is the "Application Server naming mechanism " referring to? Is this something configured on the server itself? or is it referring to the auto name property?





  • 8.  Re: Java Agent - AutoNaming Not Working

    Posted 01-04-2019 03:55 PM

    Hi smkwan,

    At this point, it's probably best to have you open a ticket as there is something missing in your configurations at the generic JVM arguments and/or the startup class.

    You're stating that WebSphere is the container, correct? What version of WAS, or are you using Liberty?