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Replace Tag Assertion

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  • 1.  Replace Tag Assertion

    Posted 04-23-2018 10:18 PM

    Hi Team,

    When using Apply Json Transofrmation and converting JSON to XML.There is one character '&' which is being converted into '&'.So I am using replace tag assertion to handle this situation.But after using replace tag assertion Cdata part is added to the XML document at start. Can you let me know how to handle this.And also is there anyway other than replace tag assertion to handle this scenario.


    <data contentType="text/xml;charset=utf-8" contentLength="2346"><![CDATA[<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>




  • 2.  Re: Replace Tag Assertion
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    Posted 04-24-2018 01:05 PM

    You could use Evaluate Regular Expression Assertion and use regex to replace the &amp back to &.