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LDAP synchronization logic

  • 1.  LDAP synchronization logic

    Posted 03-26-2019 11:25 AM

    Users do not get synched or it takes a long time before users get synced to Clarity although they are added to the Clarity user group in Active directory.


    We found out that the LDAP job only picks up the user when the AD user itself is updated. It does not work when the AD user is added to the Clarity user group because that action in AD does not change anything to the timestamp values of the user itself.


    In KB000110279 a workaround is suggested: A workaround could be to additionally change another user attribute, for example the password, so that the user's "WhenChanged" date will be updated and the user will be inserted correctly by the job in CA PPM. 


    Isn't there another solution for this so we can avoid the above workaround?

    How do you experience this and which process do you have in place for account creations?