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Is there an interactive step that can use manual input during an ITR run ? I'm using DevTest v10.3

  • 1.  Is there an interactive step that can use manual input during an ITR run ? I'm using DevTest v10.3

    Posted 04-18-2019 02:26 AM

    I'm using DevTest 10.3 in IOS. I wanted to manually input my choices (on the go) for further execution within an ITR run.

    For example, i'm running a script (say, ComprehensiveEmployeeDetails.tst) that goes through multiple levels of details via separate API calls, EmployeeDetails, EmployeeProjectDetails, ProjectLocationDetails, LocationBackgroundDetails, etc. This script essentially gets input to a step from the response of a previous step.

    I needed to have an interactive dialog from ITR, after ProjectLocationDetails API call, something in line with :

    Input the Location for next lookup: "   ".

    This input could be used for next step.


    Is there such a provision in DevTest 10.3 ?

  • 2.  Re: Is there an interactive step that can use manual input during an ITR run ? I'm using DevTest v10.3

    Posted 04-21-2019 03:38 AM

    I've got some questions around this, some remarks, and a suggestion at the end should you really need to do this.


    Short answer: no, I don't believe there is anything like that. The reason why not is IMHO because DevTest aims at building test automation and the test suites need to run repeatedly, autonomously without user intervention.


    Do you need this as part of your test automation development? As part of unit testing for the test you are buiIding?


    The test editor offers the possibility to execute every step in order to see if it is executing as expected, also every data set, every filter and every assertion can be executed. So, it is possible to progress through your testcase but you have to execute everything yourself, the step, the filters (in correct order), the assertions (in correct order). The button "Replay model to a specific point" helps you if the functionality you want to test is near the end of your testcase, so you don't have to execute everything yourself.


    The ITR is an actual "Test Run", it is supposed to be an execution the way how your test will run later against the real environment. And as this is supposed to be an automated test there is no provision to manually manipulate the properties as it is running. Also if you want to add this user input step to your test case then you are never testing the final testcase, because there is a step in there that you eventually remove again before running the testcase against your test environment.


    What can help you in the ITR, if you are manually stepping through the test case then at any point you can select the next step to execute. So, if there is branching in your model then you can select the branch you want to follow.

    Another way of selecting between various unit test possibilities is by using various config files to set the conditions for each unit test.


    And finally, the only way I can think of to interact with a test case during its run is to have an external process step, and have the external process ask you for the needed input. E.g. a DOS batch file that ask user input in a CMD window, see printscreen below of SomeBatch.bat during in ITR run. Problem is to get the user input back into testcase for further processing. The only supported way is user exits, so if a number is ok to take a decision in your testcase then that might work. If you need more then just a number than your batch file might need to write things to a file, and then you need also a step to read and process that file.