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Job dependencies

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    Posted 04-21-2019 07:13 PM

    Hi Folks,


    I have a question with Autosys jobs. Can you please help me with my below question.


    I have a box with multiple jobs and each of the job within the box has its own dependency.


    For example.

    1. I have a box Test_box. B   
    2. job1, job2, job3, job4, job5 are the cmd jobs which are under Test_box.B
    3. Job2 has dependency on Job1, Job3 has dependencies on Job2, Job4 has dependencies on Job3 and Job5 has dependecies on Job4 which means Job2 can only run after Job1, Job3 can only run after successful completion of Job2  and Job4 can only run after successful completion of Job3 and Job4 can only run after successful completion of Job3 .
    4. I want a command to find out the order of the execution where I can easily find Job1 is the first job in the box, Job2 is the second job in the box... If I wanted to run the jobs manually without going back to each and every job to find out of the dependency, I wanted to know what is the order of execution of job meeting their condition.