Programming Question/ Bug?

  • 1.  Programming Question/ Bug?

    Posted 08-20-2007 09:12 PM
    One of my programmers asked me this question. I am not sure why this happens.?
    Field P-INVOICE-NO is defined as Pic X(14). Code in the ADS program?
    checks if the field contains zeros using any of the following lines of code:?
    If the field is all zeroes, it executes an error message, as it?
    should. But if the field is changed to 0A (or any 0 and alpha combo)?
    and enter is pressed - the screen does not recognize that the field?
    now contains something other than 0, or zeros, or zeroes and still?
    produces the error message. This is happening in programs that are?
    recently changed. We are running IDMS V16.0 Service Pack 4.?
    I have searched Support Connect and have found no mention of such a?
    problem. Has anyone heard of or experienced this? How did you fix?
    it? The programmer got around this by checking for 0 in every?
    position of the field, but the code above is used in several of our?
    programs and has us concerned.?
    Thanks for your help.?

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    Re: Programming Question/ Bug?
    "Is the field mapped in/out directly on the Map - or is there a separate
    element in a ""map work record"" that is MOVEd to the field that is being
    tested. If that's the case it would be worthwhile checking the PICture
    of the map field - and especially in that case (as has already been
    mentioned) with the ADSC compile option specifies ADS or COBOL moves.
    Other things to look at:

    () Is ""automatic editing turned on at the map level and at the field
    () If so do you have an ""external picture"" that would force a check (by
    automatic editing) for all numerics?
    () Do you have any pad/justification rules (e.g.. pad with zeroes)?
    () In ADSC do you specify EXECUTE ON EDIT ERRORS Yes - because if that's
    the case and if automatic editing is enabled you would need to do an ""if
    field .... In error ...."" check
    () Note that if the external picture is 999999 and automatic editing is
    enabled any non-numeric data that is entered should be stripped out by
    the run-time mapping system - that's why some of the suggestions about
    using ADSALIVE with a break point before the IF test is important.

    If this is a new behaviour for old code then I would suspect that a
    yes/no switch has been flipped somewhere along the line in either ADSC
    or MAPC.

    HTH - cheers - Gary

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