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CA APM Summary alerts

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  • 1.  CA APM Summary alerts

    Posted 02-07-2019 07:05 AM

    Hi - does anyone know how to list out alerts that are part of a summary alert, other than via right-click on the alert and select links?


    I can use the command line workstation to list alerts in a Module but that includes both single and summary alerts. I can't find a way to list the individual alerts I have specified to be part of a summary alert.


    Summary alerts are really useful and we use them widely, but using the workstation to manage them isn't that easy.



    Andrew Marsden

  • 2.  Re: CA APM Summary alerts
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    Posted 02-07-2019 10:42 AM

    Dear Community:

    Can you help Andrew with his query?




    Dear Andrew:

     I listed for completeness all the key documented references on summary alerts. I asked that a note be added to the link below if CLW can list or not. I would submit an enhancement (idea) as well and see if someone can propose another way to do this 


    Hal German


    CLW Command Reference - CA Application Performance Management - 10.7 - CA Technologies Documentation 

    Just lists the summary and simple alert 


    Audit can do summary alerts

    Track Configuration Changes with Auditing - CA Application Performance Management - 10.7 - CA Technologies Documentation 


    Summary Alerts do not correspond to underlying sim - CA Knowledge 

  • 3.  Re: CA APM Summary alerts

    Posted 02-08-2019 10:15 AM

    Morning Andrew,


    We have also hit the limitations of being able to have an inventory report on the various management module artifacts.  This was in the 9.1 / 9.6 release time frame, so it may be different.


    One issue I found was that the management modules are not stored within the smartstor and when I tried it, CLW had very limited query into the management structure.


    When I was asked to produce a inventory report on all of our alerts and dashboards, there isn't really a good way since the information is within the management module jar/zip.  Now knowing that the contents of the management module is a management.xml file that has the description of the management module, I downloaded the entire contents of the <mom>/config/modules, unzipped all of them using the management module file name as the replacement of the management.xml file name.  Then is was a matter of writing a style sheet to place each into a usable format.


    I got pretty far into this then got the second shoe, they wanted to be able to make changes to the XML, zip/jar and deploy, which did not work.  After looking at the structure of the XML found that the XSDs for the base are not all complete since the ADS section is defined in code and not in the XSD, so I couldn't validate the modified XML.


    We moved to a two tier alert structure, with a summary at the server level with simple alerts, the summary have actions defined on it.  This would allow us to have an email body that has a listing of the simple alerts that make up the summary.

    Then for dashboards, we would then have display summary alerts to group the various servers, into functional areas, but these would be for display only and have no actions.  


    There was a discussion on this a bit ago:

    Extract and or create Management Module(MM) jar details 


    Hope this helps,