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JasperSoft 7.1 and Widgets Pro - Gantt Chart

  • 1.  JasperSoft 7.1 and Widgets Pro - Gantt Chart

    Posted 02-13-2019 01:58 AM

    Now that CA PPM is using JasperSoft 7.1, we now have access to the Gantt Chart which is in the Widgets Pro module of JasperSoft Studio.

    Above showing milestones on a project taken from Advancing Reporting on a custom Status Report that I have managed to insert the widget in our development environment.


    Has anyone been successful at using the Widgets Pro - Gantt Chart?  For example, the above I couldn't get it to show the period names on the Gantt Header, as well as the Milestone descriptions.


    If anyone has an example JRXML file that could be shared, I would be interested in getting a copy.  In addition, I would be interested to see what limitations there are - eg can the object automatically stretch to accomidate large number of lines.


    I'm considering adding this to our custom Status Report, just showing key items, and restricting it to be 12-18 forward months (depending on available space)