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Applications manage client login hangs

  • 1.  Applications manage client login hangs

    Posted 03-14-2019 02:13 PM

    We recently upgraded to v9.2.2 of AM by way of a fresh install on top of a 9.0.1 DB. We've noticed strange login behavior to the client where almost all logins hang, rather than returning an error indicating a password issue or something. The only resolution is for someone else to reset their password and then things are fine. However after a period of time (less than the password expiration limit) this issue will crop up again. We are running an old version of java on the client (Java 1.7 update 55) since we have our old AM servers still in production, but we're running Java 1.8 161 on the new Master. This is happening for large swaths of our userbase. We thought it might have just been a one-time thing after the upgrade of the DB from v9.0.1 to v9.2.2, but it cropped up again this week after the weekend. We've tried the following, all without any resolution:
    1) Shutdown all nodes in our Oracle RAC DB with the exception of the active node (We have a RAC DB with load balancing turned off - this is the supported approach from CA - and failover turned on) - still have the issue with the console logins freezing.

    2) Restarted both the Master and the DB - same results

    3) Tested local client on master without issue - incorrect password generates the standard "Invalid username/password" error 

    4) Re-copied .jnlp file from Master onto desktop - same results


    Any other ideas what might be causing this behavior? We're running Oracle Database version: