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Site Minder authenticaton and .NET Rest API

  • 1.  Site Minder authenticaton and .NET Rest API

    Posted 05-07-2019 02:02 PM


    I am planning to host .NET rest service on application server, but application server gets calls from a load balancing web server.


    Sire minder policy is enabled on the web server. The site minder login URL is different from rest service URL on application server.


    The siteminder  login URL is accessed from .NET client application and cookies in the response are retrieved.


    Then the client application makes a new Http Request to REST API on application server, adding the cookie received above. 

    The call will go through fine, since the SMSESSION token is present. But I am wondering how I can retrieve the user information from the .NET API service on application server.


    Can I see SM_USER header from .NET rest service on application server?. There is some kind of redirection in the initial place.

    Thank you!