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Gen Online Training - What do you need?

  • 1.  Gen Online Training - What do you need?

    Posted 03-06-2019 11:27 AM

    Hi All,


    When I joined the Gen team a few months back, I took the online Gen training to jump start my learning of the product.  I learned a lot about Gen in the process, but I also had some ideas on how we could make the learning process easier.  These ideas have started a refresh of the Gen training materials.


    We need your help to assemble the list of training materials that would help you and your team the most. 

    Here are a couple ideas from the Gen team: 

    • Are there specific scenario training that would help on-board a new Gen team member?
    • What about particular upgrade scenarios?
    • Focus on a particular technology area?


    The training may be traditional training, or for smaller topics/scenarios it may be a short video.


    We need you ideas!


    Note: the training will be available to all Gen customers who are active on maintenance.



    Su Brude

    Product Owner - CA Gen

  • 2.  Re: Gen Online Training - What do you need?

    Posted 03-24-2019 01:50 AM

    Hi Susan;

    Welcome to Gen community I’m working in CA Gen since 1999 and run training for more than 200 person to use CA Gen I can list the issue of the training in next points


    • One of the big mistake in CA it represent CA Gen as Mainframe Development tool please remove CA Gen from Mainframe area CA GEN support windows , Unix ,and mainframe new generation don’t want to learn mainframe
    • CA should spend a lot of money and effort to re market CA Gen (Frist)
    • No updating martial form CA I’m still use martial form tutorial

    Prepared by Tony R. Pierce in June/July, 2001 COOL: Gen Client/Server Development Tutorial

    • More videos and presentation about how to use new features in Gen (BLOB; INLINE CODE ;…..)
    • CA should spend a lot of money and effort to re market CA Gen (second)
    • New martial should be focus on the new target JAVA plat form no one need to learn Block mode
    • martial should be free like Gen 8.6 to make Widespread for the tool between students university and institute (Microsoft strategy )
    • CA should  allow to create free encyclopedia  in the cloud for training
    • CA should spend a lot of money and effort to re market CA Gen (third)
    • CA should end the training by certificate new generation like certificate concept
    • CA should spend a lot of money and effort to re market CA Gen (fourth)


    My current training category most of it come from


    CA Gen Program Training Approach


    1. Supply training in CA Gen r8.5.
    2. Supply full time CA-Gen r8.5 experienced Instructor
    3. Supply pdf training materials
    4. Supply training venue, prepared with PCs for practical training
    5. The training course will give the student an Introduction to CA-Gen r8.5, and give the student the Full skills to begin CA Gen development.
    6. At the conclusion of the training course, all students will take the Gen Developer certification exam. Those students passing the exam will be recognized by as the organization Certified Gen Developers.

          This exam is included as a part of the Practical Training Class.


    CA Gen Overview Duration #1 day

    • History Overview
    • What is CA Gen?
    • Why and how is it used?
    • Concepts of CA Gen
    • Who Needs this Technology?
    • Projects using Gen
    • Features
    • Benefits


    • CA Gen Analysis Duration #2 day 
    • Introduction to Analysis
    • Understanding Analysis Results
    • Analysis Diagrams by CA:Gen
    • Analysis Techniques
    • Analysis Refinements
    • From Analysis to Implementation


    CA Gen Server Duration #3 day

    • Diagrams to Code
    • Action Diagramming Basics
    • Basic Application Build and Test
    • Advanced Action Diagramming
    • Interface to Existing Applications
    • Action diagram statements
    • Procedures and Views
    • Client server design
    • Load module packaging
    • Generation and test of an application
    • Internet Technology


    CA GEN Design Duration #2 day

    • Basic GUI Objects & Design
    • GUI Development Design
    • Dialogs between Windows
    • CA GEN Web Generation
    • Duration #2 day
    • Web Generation Overview
    • Requirements and Components for Web Generation
    • Design Gen Web Applications
    • Extending the Web Application with custom HTML
    • Deployment and Packaging
    • Using the Build Tool
    • Using the Trace Tool
    • Web Generation Deployment
    • Understanding Performance and Tuning Issues


    CA Gen Proxies Duration #2 day

    • Gen Proxy Overview
    • Requirements and Components for Gen Proxies
    • Designing and Building Gen Proxies
    • Consuming Gen Proxies
    • Gen Proxy Deployment
    • Understanding Performance and Tuning Issues
    • Advanced Proxy Generation Duration #1 day
    • Introduction to SOA and Web Services
    • Integrating CA Gen Web applications into the SOA
    • Proxy Best Practices and Special Considerations
    • Web View Web Service Generator
    • Integrating CA Gen Web applications with any hand written web technology 


    • CA GEN Component Based Development Duration #1 day
    • What are components in Gen?
    • Definition of components
    • Specification of components
    • Implementation of components
    • Mapper action diagrams
    • Application assembly
    • Publishing of components


    • CA GEN Host Encyclopedia Duration #1 day
    • Definition and control of subsets
    • Version control: common ancestry
    • Trial migration and migration
    • Trial adoption and adoption
    • Comprehensive exercises about sub setting, version control, adoption and migration
    • Model management strategy. What are the possibilities and the decisions to make?

  • 3.  Re: Gen Online Training - What do you need?

    Posted 05-02-2019 11:05 AM

    Hi Su,

    I work with the CA Gen product since 1989, in consultancy and in training. I own the site t-kamal is refering to: 

    I think it is a good idea to see what we can do to supply the community with online training possibilities.

    When you mail me ( ), we could exchange our views.

  • 4.  Re: Gen Online Training - What do you need?

    Posted 05-02-2019 01:52 PM

    Hi All,


    I am the Education Program Manager overseeing the courseware development for CA Gen.  I worked closely with Su to refresh the CA Gen Encyclopedia courses.
    The link to the CA Gen learning path is as follows:

    As a customer active on maintenance, you are entitled to consume our web-based training (WBT) courses at no charge.



    Angelica Giraldo