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What are the pre-requisites to set up a Virtual service for volume test

  • 1.  What are the pre-requisites to set up a Virtual service for volume test

    Posted 05-15-2019 04:04 AM
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    We have a Virtual service (MQ protocol) which is deployed to the LISA server. using DevTest 9.5 version.


    The issue is:

    sometimes the Virtual service is processing the requests at expected rate for volume test for a TPS of 50 .

    But sometimes the same Virtual service is not processing the requests at a rate of 13 TPS . Where  lot of requests gets piled up in the request queue and  Performance testing is getting stopped abruptly.


    But after restart of the Devtest server, the issue will be resolved but the issue continuous to come back again.


    Capacity is configured as 10 for max 50 TPS using the formula below:


    Capacity = Number of transactions per second/1000 * Avg think time * think scale/100 


    Avg think time for virtual service running on MQ protocol is assumed as 200 ms and think scale is 100.



    1. To mitigate the issues, are there any extra configurations to setup for any volume testing in the dev test server for a even behavior to withstand the higher load?

    2. Is there any limit for the capacity configuration in the devtest server? if that limit breaches will the Virtual services does not respond at expected load during volume test. is it?


    Note:  These Virtual services are developed 2 to 3 years before and all the Virtual services are designed  using MQ deprecated step .


    Please suggest.


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