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ALARMS are Not Appearing on ONEClick Console

  • 1.  ALARMS are Not Appearing on ONEClick Console

    Posted 02-20-2019 01:06 AM

    Dear Experts,


    I am using spectrum 10.2.1 and have fault tolerance environment.

    ISSUE IS: alarms stop appearing on one click console everything looks fine but the alarms appears when we restart the SS.


    I have a case with CA Support from approx. 2 months and they are asking that CPU spikes.

    ok fine CPU spikes give me the cause i need the solution to this they asked its sue to syslog traps we disable these from all routers but still the issue is same from last 3 days issue occurs 6 times.


    I need experts to clearly describers the limits of stand alone system and the cause of issue so we work on that and SS become stable.

    monitoring is totally disturbed due to this issue.