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    Posted 04-01-2008 03:20 AM
    I am an American who would like to have IDMS work again. The bottom line
    is that out sourcing is cheaper for the employer; all of the other
    excuses are an attempt to hide the greed. Poor people are being
    exploited in the name of profit. It does make sense to have each country
    specialize in what they do best, however this is not what is going on.
    Employers are just moving work to the country with the lowest standard
    of living in order to gain the greatest profit. This method will not
    support the needs of their customers. For example America would not be
    the best country to grow coffee.

    Dear Mr. Employer if your best customers cannot earn money because their
    jobs no longer exist they will not be able to pay the high prices you
    lust after. You will be required to sell your products in a market where
    the prices will have to be lowered. If you price your product to high
    you will have no demand. Remember the law of supply and demand? Your
    product will be worth less and less, we depend on each other. All you
    have accomplished is to destroying the standard of living in one of the
    world greatest countries. Soon other countries will be affected too, we
    are not an island, we are all connected.