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MQ Live Virtualization - Virtual Service not monitoring Response Queue

  • 1.  MQ Live Virtualization - Virtual Service not monitoring Response Queue

    Posted 01-16-2019 03:51 PM

    Hi All,

    I have a requirement of MQ Virtualization where back-end responds with 2 messages on same RESPONSE with certain delay. 1st message within 1-2 minutes and 2nd message may take more than 30 minutes.


    Flow Understanding:

    App-1 -> ProxyReq_Queue_1 -> LISA ROUTER -> ProxyReq_Queue_2 -> LISA VS -> LiveReq_Queue -> App-2

    App-1 <- ProxyRes_Queue <-LISA VS <-- LiveRes_Queue <-App-2


    The requirement was such that I had to build 2 MQ virtual service to achieve this as below:

    1. VS-1: Acting as router and re-dropping request to another proxy queue with value as message header. This was done to identify incoming request payment type since the uniqueness of payment type is in payload. Please refer below link which was published for my case in CA community page: How to set multiple Virtual Services to listen on - CA Knowledge 
    2. VS-2: Takes the re-drop request by VS-1 and call lives back-end with live request queue.


    Issue: LISA VS not consuming the message present in LiveRes_Queue. MQ team says that - message is there in queue but no one is processing it. Also Router is dropping the request to LISA_VS - Inspection view of LISA_VS (in Live System mode) shows - no incoming data request found 


    Please suggest what to do over here. What I am missing over here?