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: AXA configuration and ports

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  • 1.  : AXA configuration and ports

    Posted 01-23-2019 03:05 AM

    Hi rossu02

    My AXA is running on 8443 and  when i copy and paste the snippet to the source code of the webpage i am not able to fetch any data, but when i tried to fetch data using default http port 9080 the data is populated on the AXA  console


    how can I get the data on https port in Axa console, please guide 

    one thing more what is the standard time the data starts populating on AXA console? in my case after several hits on the monitored webpage data populated after atleast 12hrs thats a huge difference,how can i fix that



  • 2.  Re: : AXA configuration and ports
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    Posted 01-23-2019 08:59 AM

    Dear Community :

    Can you help Robert?


    Dear Robert:
    You will likely need a case on this. I created a new question on this.


    On Issue #1 IS your SSL set up correctly on the agent ? Are you getting error messages about the SSL port?

    On Issue #2 Please provide a screenshot.


    ThanksHal German

  • 3.  Re: : AXA configuration and ports

    Posted 02-06-2019 06:11 AM

    I would look at the browser developer tools for network calls to see what is happening when you have https configured in the snippet. Check for the calls to your AXA server, particular ones to load initial snippet (bajs?agent=browser,extjs?agent=browser), then profile (profile?agent=browser) and finally the actual sending of data to AXA (postBrowserMetrics)


    How is the SSL configured because AXA by itself does not handle SSL so the SSL session needs to be terminated by either a load balancer, or, for testing purposes you can use nginx as a proxy, then forwarded to AXA.


    If you are using our nginx, it only creates a self-signed certificate by default which is unlikely to be trusted by the browser so the certificates need to be created on your side so that connection to nginx would be trusted.


    9080 is the default port for the admin console but the default port for the data collector that would show in the snippet is 7081. 


    For the data updating, it should happen soon, I would check clocks are synchronised on all machines involved. Also check the length of the session, is it showing that the session has been open for 12 hours already ?

    The other part to this would be resources, how much memory is available for the AXA server, it is possible to run it with 16GB RAM but will struggle to process data at that level, also depending on how many sessions are coming in.