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Search Change Calendar by Order Description

  • 1.  Search Change Calendar by Order Description

    Posted 05-22-2019 02:42 PM

    We have an analyst who is looking to search the change calendar by text in the Order Description field. If I add a search parameter to the Additional Search Arguments for this (such as "description LIKE '%Test%'"), the page times and I find the following error in the log:


    "ChgCIAssociationFetcher failed in gotCIName: AHD12007:Attribute description in Majic SQL query is ambiguous - found in both chg and nr at description ... LIKE"


    I can search for text in the summary from the Change Calendar using the same format argument ("summary LIKE '%D0225%'"), and I can search by description field on the Change Order Search screen.


    I have also tried to adjust my search string to reference chg.description, but that generates a syntax error.