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AgentName 'Performance' Question

  • 1.  AgentName 'Performance' Question

    Posted 05-16-2019 01:40 PM



    We are planning on using a single OpenShift image for 'many' applications.   I'm considering having one ACO for these images.  


    If the context roots for the applications are unique, I'm thinking I may secure this content using the 'defaultAgentName.'  However, if this is not the case I'll use AgentName attribute to match agent names with FQDNs.  (I am aware of the 4000 char limit for AgentNames and how to manage this.)


    My question to the community is if anyone has any experience in observing how many agent names in a single ACO impact agent performance from a user perspective.  On a previous question, I saw someone was using over 140 agent names.  


    Any wisdom/guidance would be greatly appreciated!