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Extracting information with the Reporting tool

  • 1.  Extracting information with the Reporting tool

    Posted 05-18-2017 09:38 AM
    In our reporting tool , we need to get the exact details for a day in future or past , What job ran that day , what was their frequency etc. 
    But currently we don't have these fields there in reporting tool. Could you please help us to show how to get the reports. 
    We need to get the details as we have a maintenance this weekend on UC4 system and details required so that we can align with business accordingly.

    A - Create a query file

    1 - Use the graphical interface of  the reporting tool (ucyrepg.jar) to choose the information you want to see in the report.

    dvp14s11by46.png" width="548">

    Set the objects, hosts, etc. which should be included in the report :
    aecffnyfixja.png" width="545">

    Set the output file parameters :

    chualifkctcg.png" width="515">

    The query .xml file will be generated in Utility/bin/queries directory.

    7xp38vfr6prx.png" width="697">

    Example of an xml file:

    rr2rxd914vj3.png" width="473">

    B - Generate the report

    Run UCYBDBRT with the xml file as an input parameter. You can define the name of the output file as well.

    example :
    C:\Automic\V12\Utility\bin>ucybdbrt -XC:\Automic\Utility\bin\queries\stats.s.xml -OC:\Automic\Utility\bin\queries\output.csv

    The output will look like this:

    onzd9ri5jzh1.png" width="1027">

    C - Revision Report

    You may also be interested in the Revision Report to collect statistical information of objects.

    Best regards,

  • 2.  Extracting information with the Reporting tool

    Posted 08-01-2017 09:34 AM
    As this question came in a recent support ticket, here's how to produce a Forecast report with the DB reporting tool:

    Pre-requisite: the AutoForecast must have been configured and executed at least once in the AE system.


    Open an mly710ziuwpe.png window:
     u64nx806q721.png" width="1021">

    Select the object types, Agent types and period for which the forecast should be executed, then press 'Recalculate' (this will create the UC_AUTO_FORECAST variable if it did not already exist), then 'Execute Query'.

    You will then get a list of planned tasks for the defined period:

    sa7ia99lih25.png" width="722">

    Once the autoforecast has succesfully run you may create a 'Forecast' query using the Reporting Tool:

    omzzig64eacl.png" width="320">

    Steps to generate the report are then similar to those described in the first message above.

    Best regards,