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Metrics PHP Agent

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  • 1.  Metrics PHP Agent

    Posted 08-28-2018 10:52 AM



    I'm installing a PHP agent, but when I see the metrics that it raises, I only see the FrontEnd and BackEnd metrics. I created a web service in that language and I use it for SOAPUI but I do not see reflected metrics of web services. What more metrics can I see for applications that are developed under the PHP language?

  • 2.  Re: Metrics PHP Agent

    Posted 09-12-2018 06:36 PM

    Hello Diego,


    Apologies for the delayed response here. What CA product is this related to?


    None of the information seems related to the CA Performance Management product covered in this Community.


    Let me know the right product and I can probably move this post to the correct product Community site so you can find answers.




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    Posted 09-12-2018 06:40 PM

    This should probably get moved into APM since that has a PHP agent.




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    Posted 09-12-2018 07:01 PM

    Thanks Robert.




    I've move this post to the correct Community to give it better visibility for a response.




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    Posted 09-13-2018 08:34 AM

    Dear Diego:

    Welcome to the APM Community. I hope you find this an invaluable resource and a friendly electronic neighborhood to visit.


    Community Members: Can you add anything to this?


    I see two questions in your post.

    1) What metrics can I get from the PHP Agent?


    That is covered in PHP Agent - CA Application Performance Management - 10.7 - CA Technologies Documentation 


    The PHP Agent provides the following features:

    • Deep transaction trace visibility
    • Automatic frontend detection and monitoring, including frontend URL group metrics
      • Displays frontend URL group HTTP GET request metrics, which also display in transaction traces.
    • MySQL metrics
      Supported for these clients: MySQL (original), MySQLi (both object-oriented and procedural interfaces), and PHP Data Objects (PDO) interface
    • Oracle database metrics
      Supported client: OCI8
    • Custom instrumentation of the FrontendMarker, BlamePointTracer, and BackendMarker

    The second question is how can I see more metrics with the PHP Agent?

    Turning on DEBUG or VERBOSE in the Agent log (covered in Monitor PHP Agent Health - CA Application Performance Management - 10.7 - CA Technologies Documentation ) may give you clues as to what is happening.

  • 6.  Re: Metrics PHP Agent

    Posted 11-20-2018 04:53 AM

    Thank You, useful information.