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Devtest logging to Syslog

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  • 1.  Devtest logging to Syslog

    Posted 09-12-2018 05:52 PM

    Has anyone added the Devtest logging to push to a remote Syslog server?


    I tried adding the Log4J SyslogAppender properties to the file however I do not see that to be working. 


    log4j.appender.SYSLOG.layout.conversionPattern=[%p] %c:%L - %m%n


    Is there any other property which needs to be update for Devtest to start using these properties?

  • 2.  Re: Devtest logging to Syslog
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    Posted 09-13-2018 02:02 AM



    Do you want to write logging information to syslog from almost all the DevTest components?
    It seems that the appender name "SYSLOG" is not used from DevTest components.
    Please try to use "A1" on behalf of "SYSLOG", but you need to comment out the 6 "A1" related properties definitions after "log4j.logger.profiler=OFF" definition in
    But I am not sure that you can realize your requirment for logging from DevTest components.
    Because using logging.proerties file seems limited by the application(DevTest).


    Thank you,

  • 3.  Re: Devtest logging to Syslog

    Posted 09-14-2018 03:27 PM

    Hi Srinivas,


    Did Yusuke's suggestion worked?