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Pros and Cons of Multiple webengines on application server

  • 1.  Pros and Cons of Multiple webengines on application server

    Posted 10-16-2018 03:48 PM

    Hey Community,


    I would like to get your real time experience and feedback on  multiple web-engines on single application servers.


    In our site, there are excessive number of web-service transactions, to handle the traffic we have different set of the application servers, specific to providing web services.


    Background Server

    Standby server

    Application Server - 1

    Application Server - 2

    Application Server - 3


    Application Server - 4

    Application Server - 5

    Application Server - 6


    1,2,3 application servers are exposed to web users and 4,5,6 are specific to providing web-services.


    Now, I would like create multiple(more than 2) CA SDM web-engines on single application server, before doing it would like to know the Pros and Cons of having multiple web-engines on single application machine.



    Thank you,



  • 2.  Re: Pros and Cons of Multiple webengines on application server

    Posted 10-17-2018 11:57 AM

    Venkat, in AA env, if you expect a lot of traffic to the app server, definitely you would need to consider adding more webengines to the app server. I can see the pros as more workload can be handled and the cons? you may need to

    consider the following:

    --more network bandwidth from the app server to the database server and between the bg server with all app servers

    --more app server resources would need

    --the end users now have two urls to access the app--pdmweb.exe and pdmweb1.exe(assuming you add another webengine)--and end users may just go to the first one as you used to be, though you tell them to use the second

    one. So you may need to add a webdirector and publish its url as pdmweb_d.exe for all webengines

    I am sure there should be more out there so hope others add to this discussion. It is a very good one. Thanks _Chi