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Timestamp Offset For FE Table

  • 1.  Timestamp Offset For FE Table

    Posted 06-06-2018 02:06 PM


    We're working on automating a workflow based on the forecast of another workflow, so the solution is to script an autoforecast and scrape the results from an SQLI. 



    We found that the FE table is returning the start time 16 hours ahead of System time. System time is -4 GMT, so it's not GMT. Anyone encountered this odd timestamp in the FE table? 



    shows the correct -4 result: 

    here's an example forecast:


    And the results stored in the DB:


    We can convert the time, but this timestamp seems odd. 

  • 2.  Re: Timestamp Offset For FE Table

    Posted 06-06-2018 02:56 PM

    I'm on V11.2.1.  I just ran a database query for one of our jobs that runs at 7am tomorrow morning.  I'm comparing FE_STARTTIME to what I see on the AutoForecast query window for the same job.  They are off by GMT, as expected.


    Suggest you look again and question weather or not you are really comparing apples to apples?



    If your database is SQLServer, then you can use this form to ask the database to automatically convert GMT to local;

          dateadd(hour, datediff(hour, getutcdate(), getdate()), fe_starttime) as starttime