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Unable to view logs in Policy Manager

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  • 1.  Unable to view logs in Policy Manager

    Posted 12-06-2018 05:13 AM

    Hi All,

    We have two Gateways in the cluster. Gateway1 and Gateway2. We are unable to view the logs of Gateway1 in the policy manager.When I checked the deafault log location /var/logs.Logs are correctly logging for gateway1 and gateway2. But when I login to policy Manager of Gateway1 when I click on view logs it is not showing anything.

    So I checked what would be the issue.From the logs I found that when I clicked the view logs from policy manager of Gateway1 it is trying to read the the logs from Gateway2 instead of Gateway1. Is there any setting that need to be changed to policy manager reads the logs from gateway1 only.Please find the error.


    2018-12-05T06:04:12.095+0000 WARNING 378 com.l7tech.server.log.SinkManager: Unexpected error during log list/read from remote node '97bafd6352e24728bc6ca073dcfe0403':Could not access HTTP invoker remote service at [https://securespangateway/ssg/cluster/LogAccessAdmin]; nested exception is org.apache.http.conn.ConnectTimeoutException: Connect to ipaddress:2124 timed out.

  • 2.  Re: Unable to view logs in Policy Manager
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    Posted 12-06-2018 07:25 AM

    Hello Judith,

    as the 2 gateways are members of the same cluster the "view log" option of the policy manager will try to show you the logs of both gateways. In order to do this, the 2 gateways will need to be able to communicate via port 2124.

    Please ensure, that the listen port 2124 is setup correctly, and that your network is setup to allow the communication between these two machines on that port. See also Prepare the Network (Appliance) - CA API Gateway - 9.4 - CA Technologies Documentation