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Upgrade AWI and keep plugin and config files

  • 1.  Upgrade AWI and keep plugin and config files

    Posted 01-25-2017 09:43 PM

    Because the web interface will be used more often in the future (and since AE v12 it's the only frontend which is part of the AE image) I would like to know how you organize upgrades to a new release.

    As you might know there are some/a lot of additional files (plugins and configuration files) in various folders within the tomcat directory structure. If you now deploy the new war file all the old files will be deleted first and the new package will be installed. So you lose all of the config files :-(

    Any best practice from the field how to upgrade andKEEP existing additional files? OK - I know I can backup the folders and afterwards manually copy missing files to the new AWI.