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ACC ActiveMQ monitoring.

  • 1.  ACC ActiveMQ monitoring.

    Posted 10-11-2018 02:04 PM

    Hi Team,


    We have a lot of issues in our ACC ( like connected Agents not visible/agents getting disconnected after some time, updated package not getting pushed, Diagnostic report not getting generated. 

    So we thought of monitoring the ActiveMQ component of ACC ( In order to do that we need two things

    1. ACC Package 2. The startup script name and location.



    1. I am not sure whether i should go with either  default Java Agent along with ActiveMQ extension or Jboss Agent along with ActiveMQ extension.

    2. What is the startup script name and location.


    If somebody can help me in the getting the above information then i will be able to instrument the ActiveMQ and share my feedback.




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