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  • 1.  IBM MQ

    Posted 08-29-2018 06:52 AM

    We are trying to automate IBM MQ with dev test. Can you guide/help on this how to proceed.


    After adding step - > IBM-> IBM MQ WebSphere MQ. Attached screenshot.

    I have got details like..HostName, TCP, Channel, Queue mgr,CCSID.


    I don't know how to proceed further. The objective is to post a message / Read a message from the IBM MQ.


    Attached the error which I am getting after opening the MQ window.


    Appreciate your help.






  • 2.  Re: IBM MQ
    Best Answer

    Posted 08-29-2018 07:06 AM

    What Version of MQ are you using ? The following JAR files are required for WebSphere 

    WebSphere MQ File Requirements

    Copy the  following JAR files to the LISA_HOME\lib directory or define the LISA_POST_CLASSPATH variable. Do not copy the files to the LISA_HOME\hotDeploy directory.

    The JAR files are available in the MQ_HOME\java\lib directory.


    WebSphere MQ 7

    The following JAR files are required for WebSphere MQ 7:

    • connector.jar
    • dhbcore.jar

    WebSphere MQ 8 and 9

    The following JAR files are required for WebSphere MQ 8 and 9:




    Third-Party File Requirements - DevTest Solutions - 10.3 - CA Technologies Documentation 

  • 3.  Re: IBM MQ

    Posted 08-29-2018 08:19 AM

    Thanks Shiney Abraham. I will check nd let you know. I am using dev test ver 10.2.4. How to see the Version of MQ?

  • 4.  Re: IBM MQ

    Posted 08-30-2018 10:04 AM

    Please check with your MQ admin

  • 5.  Re: IBM MQ

    Posted 09-05-2018 10:38 AM

    Hello Jaishankar.Janakiraman,


    From the screenshots you attached, it looks like you are using the deprecated MQ steps.

    Since you are using DevTest 10.2, please use the IBM MQ Native steps.

    Differnce between IBM MQ Native and IBM MQ Series 


    IBM MQ Native Send Receive Step - DevTest Solutions - 10.2 - CA Technologies Documentation 

    IBM MQ Native Assets - DevTest Solutions - 10.2 - CA Technologies Documentation 


    You can also take a look at this video:

    IBM MQ Native Support - CA Service Virtualization - YouTube 


    Hope it helps.


  • 6.  Re: IBM MQ

    Posted 09-07-2018 09:01 AM

    Thanks for your reply. Now I can able to establish connection with dev test with IBM MQ. Now I want to know how to import xml file and how to read the response.