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Two Status Report Objects?

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  • 1.  Two Status Report Objects?

    Posted 07-24-2017 02:44 AM

    We're just starting to look at using CA PPM for project status reporting - legacy PPM, not the new UI because it's not flexible enough to meet our business requirements.


    I've noticed in my travels there are 2 Status Report objects in our PPM environment - one with an ID 'cop_prj_statusrpt'  with a Content Source of 'PMO Accelerator' and the second with an id 'catsprjstatusrep' with a Content Source ''. It's the second one that seems to be the 'active' one linked up to the Projects, however the first one seems to come with better fields, features & functions.


    Now, our environments are a bit of a mess after a few false starts so it's possible one or both of them is a custom sub-object.  I'm wondering if anyone can help me out: which one (if either) is the 'proper' one that we should be using? If it's cop_prj_statusrpt can someone point me at the documentation that will help me decommission the other one, and link that one to the Projects? (I've surfed docops and couldn't find anything).

    (V15.2, PPM onDemand)


    Cheers in advance

  • 2.  Re: Two Status Report Objects?
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    Posted 07-24-2017 02:52 AM

    Hi Alistair,

    cop_prj_statusrpt is an OOTB object which comes alongwith the PMO Accelerator addin. 

    I haven't seen anything with the id - catsprjstatusrep soI assume its a custom one. I am checking in a 15.2 Vanilla system and cannot find any object with this id - catsprjstatusrep




  • 3.  Re: Two Status Report Objects?

    Posted 07-24-2017 02:53 AM

    Thanks very much Jerin, I suspected as much.

  • 4.  Re: Two Status Report Objects?

    Posted 07-24-2017 03:07 AM

    The CATS versions are old. The cats. objects and portlets existed in an old version of PMO. If they existed the upgrade doesn't touch them (data is not migrate to new objects and old objects are not removed) .

    Please review the document "Upgrading from Clarity s Best Practices to PMO Accelerator v2.1". Here is the link:

    Here you find information about:

    - The portlets before and after the upgrade and how to Handling Duplicate Portlets. The APPENDIX contains a table shows all the portlets that were changed.
    - Object before and after the upgrade and how to Handling Duplicate Object and also how to migrate data from old cats_ objects to new cop_ objects.


    It looks like the new addin was installed but probably not applied from Administration section 

  • 5.  Re: Two Status Report Objects?

    Posted 07-24-2017 03:16 AM

    And the current status report functionality is documented here. OOTB Jaspersoft Reports that are related to Status Reporting is mentioned here.

  • 6.  Re: Two Status Report Objects?

    Posted 07-24-2017 04:38 PM

    Please be sure to let us know how we can improve the new user experience. You have 15.2 so you do enjoy the option of enabling it (Enable New UX) to perhaps allow special access to certain teams or individuals. Status is "baked in". See New User Experience: Measure Trends and Publish Project Status Reports.


    In addition to the ones already provided by Jeevan and Suman, here are some other related status reporting doc links:

    Project Status Summary

    Project Status Report List

    PMO Status Report Review