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Compare Strings for Next Step Lookup

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  • 1.  Compare Strings for Next Step Lookup

    Posted 07-20-2018 03:02 PM
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    Compare strings for Next Step Lookup Question


     Does anyone know what the syntax is criteria if you want to use a regular expression? 


    Compare Type is Regular Expression



    This works for when the Compare Type is Find in String


  • 2.  Re: Compare Strings for Next Step Lookup
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    Posted 07-21-2018 07:52 AM

    Hi Tamika,


    This is same as we use regular expression syntax anywhere for match. Here your string in Text to match property {{lisa.httpvirtuallistner.rsp}} will be compared to Criteria on the basis of compare type .

    Let's have an example.

    If i say Text to match property contains "Lisa" and match type is exactly equals then it will return true and navigate to respective step if and only if you have mentioned Lisa in creteria. Another way down if it is other than "Lisa" then it will return false 

    Similarly if you are using regular expression and suppose you have to match if incoming texttomatch string should contain Lisa anywhere in it then this should be your regular expression

    Regular expression: *Lisa*    (where * indicates any character before after Lisa and will match strings like abcdefLisartuiiio , hgjkkhhjkLisayuuii and so on) .


    You have to build regular expression yourself according to your incoming expected string . 


    Hope it helps