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Meetup - Agile Boulder (August) Why We DevOps

  • 1.  Meetup - Agile Boulder (August) Why We DevOps

    Posted 08-21-2018 03:49 PM

    If you're in the Boulder, CO area, join us for this month's Agile Boulder Meetup topic "Why We DevOps".


    Details and RSVP here


    The term "DevOps" covers a wide range of topics and opinions. It's easy to lose the "why" in the forest of information out there. Ultimately, it's simple: high-performance Agile needs DevOps. DevOps enables the frequent delivery and feedback loops that drive agile development.


    About the speaker: Logan Miles is a software developer and DevOps evangelist on a support team with TransUnion, focusing on internal tooling, monitoring, and automation. He's a fan of bar trivia, fantasy novels, and dogs. In his spare time he start projects, build a CI/CD pipeline, then get distracted before ever adding features.