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Using Agent Group in SAP job

  • 1.  Using Agent Group in SAP job

    Posted 09-07-2016 12:26 PM
    You may have noticed that when working in the Forms tab of an RA or SAP job, the bottom of the screen says:

    "The host cannot be used for interactive forms requests."

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     Is it by design that agent groups with forms do not "work"?

    Observation:  It appears the Forms tab in RA or SAP only work if an agent is specified, not an agent group.

    Answer:  Yes, that is behavior by design. Reason for it is, that e.g. on SAP Systems if the HOSTG is defined the Agents related to it could report on different SAP Systems with different FORMS and different XBP Interface, so on different Systems different possibilities could be present.

    These differences could not be displayed, so the design is, that Forms Tabs can only be used if one single Agent is defined, so no incompatibilities can occur.


    - first choose one of the Agents of the Agent Group as Host

    - create the Job

    - then choose the Agent Group as Host and save the Job

    At execution time the Agent Group will be resolved and the Job will run on one of the Agents assigned to it.

  • 2.  Using Agent Group in SAP job

    Posted 09-10-2016 01:45 PM
    To reiterate  - this applies for all RA jobs :)