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Gantt Chart in Jaspersoft

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  • 1.  Gantt Chart in Jaspersoft

    Posted 06-11-2018 02:36 AM


    I am trying to design Gantt chart in jasper with Basic chart wizard. I am able to generate data however the bars are not coming. Can anyone help what went wrong? Regards,


  • 2.  Re: Gantt Chart in Jaspersoft
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    Posted 06-11-2018 09:55 AM

    Hi Divya, 


    There is one Idea which was already submitted and I guess it describes the same thing you are looking for: 

    Gantt chart In Jasper Reports | CA Communities 


    Have a look, hope this helps. 

  • 3.  Re: Gantt Chart in Jaspersoft

    Posted 07-24-2018 12:04 AM



    I am able to generate Gantt chart from Widget Pro. (But otherwise I was getting Fusion Not Supported error).

    I did below two things:

    How to configure Jaspersoft Studio on Windows to render Charts, Widgets and Maps Pro components | Jaspersoft Community 


    1> Download ( and extract contents to C:\phantomjs-2.1.1-windows

    2> In Studio, navigate to Window -> Preferences -> Jaspersoft Studio -> Properties and add:


    These settings will render the Pro components using HTML5 renderer.