CA IDMS DocOps Updated on December 12

  • 1.  CA IDMS DocOps Updated on December 12

    Posted 12-13-2017 05:07 PM

    To assist you in using CA IDMS DocOps, two new features are added:

    • DocOps Search Tips: A new topic that provides answers to the most common search questions. If you encounter search issues not included in this article, use the comment field to let us know about those issues. We will update this article as needed.
    • Downloadable PDFs: The CA IDMS Guides to DocOps Mapping table includes a new column “Downloadable PDFs.” Use the links in this column to download a PDF of the content from the new DocOps location.

    For information about other software and documentation updates, see Enhancements Since the Base Version 19.0 Software Release.