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dynamic activation issue

  • 1.  dynamic activation issue

    Posted 12-23-2016 09:47 AM
    We try to get info on process father and grandfather. Actually, we want to setup a mail text which id send by a notification which is activated by a job JOB2 which, in turn, is launched by a workflow.

    The postprocess of the job JOB2  includes an activate_uc_object of the notification the process tab of wich contains more or less the following:
    :set &papa#=&$ACTIVATOR_RUNID#
    :print "papaNr &papa#"
    :set &papiNr#=GET_PARENT_NR(&papa#, ACT)
    :print "papiNnr &papiNr#"
    :set &papiNM#=GET_PARENT_NAME(&papa#, ACT)
    :print "papiName &papiNM#"

    When starting the job JOB2 from a user interface, my session name (JCRO/LO) is well displayed in the notification report as “papiName”,
    When JOB2 is activated by another job JOB1 then JOB1 is well displayed in the notification report.
    When JOB2 is launched as part of a workflow, the notification is not event activated.

    You must stock the jobname in a variable plan in the  postcondition ,then run the alarm witch will take this variable