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JMS Agent - Installation Location?

  • 1.  JMS Agent - Installation Location?

    Posted 03-16-2016 12:33 PM
    Trying to install / configure the JMS agent and I am slightly confused on where I need to install the agent.

    I was under the impression that I could install it anywhere, so I just installed it to the AE server.  I watched the videos, etc. on how to install / start it up, etc. but now am getting to the point where I need to select a provider (Oracle Weblogic Server).  From the video I know that next I need to select / load the *.jar files for that provider, but this is where I am unclear.

    Can the JMS admin simply send me the Oracle Weblogic Server jar files?  I can put these into a directory somewhere under the ./bin directory structure of the JMS agent and load them from there?

    Or should the JMS agent be installed on HIS server?

    I thought this was like the Oracle or DB agent where I only need to install 1 agent per system, but now I am wondering.


  • 2.  JMS Agent - Installation Location?

    Posted 03-17-2016 09:12 AM
    Got an answer from Support.  Just in case anyone else is searching in the future......

    The JMS agent does not need to be installed on the same server where the JMS application is installed.  So installing the agent on the AE server is fine.

    There will be files under the WL_HOME\server\lib directory on the JMS server - wljmsclient.jar and wlclient.jar that will need to be loaded into the JMS agent.  So just need to copy those files to the same server where the agent is installed, then you'll be able to load them.