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Direct link to a form without password

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  • 1.  Direct link to a form without password

    Posted 02-23-2018 10:58 AM

    Is it possible to link directly to a Service Catalog form and this form does not require a password?
    We need this functionality for users who are not registered in the Catalog to access an SC form through the intranet page and make a request that will also go through a flow of authorization to create specific services.

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    Posted 02-26-2018 02:59 AM

    Good Morning Everton.

    A textdoc with some information is available for you: TEC1678044

    An important note upfront.
    To be able to login to the SC-UI, needs to be present, as an active user, in:
    SC/Admin/Users, ca_contact table of the mdb database and EEM(whether or not configured for LDAP/AD).

    The userid toHow to re-direct the URL to CA Service Catalog (with login and other details).
    To be able to (auto)login to CA Service Catalog and set appropriate offerings and (different) BUs.
    In CA Service Catalog(SC), there are several possibilities to directly get in the SC-UI through a customized URL.

    Below are some examples you could use:
    Login Credentials:


    To open a new request for e.g. Offering/Telecom Services:

    Offering/Telecom Services/Desk Phone:

    Not Categorized:

    Business Unit:

    With a possible SC-SSO environment in place, the following could help you further:
    userid = bu2user1
    deflt-bu = SM141
    other-bu = USERBU1
    other-bu = USERBU2

    - Login to windows with bu2user1
    - In a browser, use address : http://<server>:<port>/usm/wpf?Node=iclaunchpad.pad
    > SC-login with bu2user1 and default-bu

    - In a browser, use address : http://<server>:<port>/usm/wpf?Node=iclaunchpad.pad&domain=USERBU1
    > SC-login with bu2user1 and BU=USERBU1

    To get into the Catalog/offering definition itself / Desk Phone, after you login first:

    Also see:

    Thanks and kind regards, Louis van Amelsfort.

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