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On the Documentation page -

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  • 1.  On the Documentation page -

    Posted 09-21-2017 05:12 PM

    On the documentation page - Change Pages - CA Single Sign-On - 12.52 SP1 - CA Technologies Documentation 


    I see the following line 

    3. In the CA Single Sign-on Administrative UI, create an authentication scheme called "FPS One Shot" as directed on Unsupported "Page" Cross-Reference (no params, library="smaps").


    My question is - What does this mean - Unsupported "Page" Cross-Reference (no params, library="smaps").? 


  • 2.  Re: On the Documentation page -
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    Posted 09-21-2017 08:23 PM

    Hi Sanjay,


    The documentation is incorrect/unclear.


    Here is what you will need to do :


    Create a One Shot Authentication scheme

        >> Create a new authentication scheme based on Custom Template.

        >> Library : smaps.

        >> Leave Secret, Confirm Secret and Parameter fields blank.



    I will advise our documentation team to make necessary changes.