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Performance test

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  • 1.  Performance test

    Posted 08-24-2017 12:43 PM

    Hello team,

    we are currently increasing the webagent cache MaxResourceCacheSize,ResourceCacheTimeout,MaxSessionCacheSize and I would like to know What parameters are supposed to be monitored? The application team is running a cache test and wake test. here are the results. What else should we monitor from policy server end and webserver end?

    Users: 194Errors: 420
    Transaction NameMinimumAverageMaximumStd. Deviation90 PercentPassFailStop
    ~    Secure Login  cached4.8379.36570.7984.76612.3857,1363310
    ~    Secure Login [s:762]  cached5.31610.41170.6486.25814.5238041780
    ~    Secure Login [s:763]  cached5.1811.32170.7988.42116.311828550
    ~    Secure Login [s:764]  cached5.0498.66641.6993.30711.084947240
    ~    Secure Login [s:765]  cached4.9558.86124.6053.03911.88887190
    ~    Secure Login [s:766]  cached4.8378.68635.8853.38811.591915130
    ~    Secure Login [s:767]  cached5.0568.94738.4832.98911.754865150
    ~    Secure Login [s:768]  cached5.3448.90525.0252.82311.685953150
    ~    Secure Login [s:769]  cached5.2569.43866.2294.84112.493937120
    ~    Secure Start Page  cached0.3271.23872.3154.7871.4457,46800
    ~    Secure Start Page [s:762]  cached0.3463.43572.31510.7893.26197000
    ~    Secure Start Page [s:763]  cached0.3442.34358.1347.4741.81788600
    ~    Secure Start Page [s:764]  cached0.3330.6863.4070.4361.4195700

  • 2.  Re: Performance test
    Best Answer

    Posted 08-29-2017 04:02 AM

    Hi Lavanya,


    I am not familiar with this "cache test and wake test". what is it ?


    If the intention is to identify the performance impact on the agent side with the tuning of those caching parameter then I would suggest running a load test with the agent tracing enabled . Then run policy server trace analysis tool and check the throughput/average response time etc. 


    Change the setting, restart web server, rerun the test and perform analysis again and compare what works best for you.