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Log_Analysis Not Enabled

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  • 1.  Log_Analysis Not Enabled

    Posted 01-24-2018 01:04 PM
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    Please find the attached file, in that page data is not appearing in 15.2 after clicking the filter.Is anything need to configure ?


    When I filter it wont display the data. Please advice on this...

  • 2.  Re: Log_Analysis Not Enabled

    Posted 01-24-2018 11:29 PM

    Hi muthukumaran.mohanarengan ,


    Please check if below log tables are populated via Apache Tomact Log Analysis Job.


    If you can see data in these tables then i have a feeling that you need to provide a date as filter for these portlet.

    For more information i will suggest you to follow  PPM Insights: New Portlets for Log Analysis Blog by Aurora_Gaimon 



    Prashank Singh

  • 3.  Re: Log_Analysis Not Enabled

    Posted 01-25-2018 01:32 AM



    Did you run "Tomcat access log import/analyze"?

    Job log entry shows like as below. It shows amount of log lines at the bottom.



    After that, did you set any Date filter value? If you set blank Date filter, it will display no date.

    Please set Date filter and click "Filter" button.





  • 4.  Re: Log_Analysis Not Enabled
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    Posted 01-25-2018 01:57 AM

    Just providing the "Date" filter works for "Session Counts by Server" portlet. For the other two portlets on this page, "Environment" has to be set to a value other than "All".

  • 5.  Re: Log_Analysis Not Enabled

    Posted 01-25-2018 04:52 AM

    Hi Team,


    Thank you All its working fine...


    When I ran the below job "Tomcat access log import/analyze" data gets populated in the table.

    • For the below table log_reportdefs there is no data. Not sure why data is not there? Please advice
    • We can see one day previous data in the log Analysis is it?

    Example: today's data is 25/Jan/2018 if I ran the job start date given "24/Jan/2018" so only 24/Jan/2018 data gets displayed in the Log analysis report.

    I can't to view other dates like 01/Jan/2018,10/Jan/2018 etc

  • 6.  Re: Log_Analysis Not Enabled

    Posted 01-25-2018 05:20 AM

    Every time the job - Tomcat Access Log Import/Analyze Job is run, it imports data only for 1 day. It can be specific date using parameter Log Date or yesterday if the parameter is left blank.