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DevTest logs "Coordinator died" exception in VSE logs

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  • 1.  DevTest logs "Coordinator died" exception in VSE logs

    Posted 12-20-2017 03:33 AM



    I'm using LISA API to create and deploy/undeploy virtual service.

    In vse.log, DevTest 10.1, I found the following error : 

    2017-12-20 08:13:37,767Z (09:13) [Event Sink Thread Pool Thread 2] ERROR com.itko.lisa.simulator.SimulatorImpl - Got exception in pulse(), Coordinator died?

    java.rmi.RemoteException: Attempting to call method on local object, but object not found in colocated objects - it must have been deregistered: tcp://slzqlb:2013/AB9C0EEAE55D11E7A4D70050568A9E3E




            at com.itko.lisa.simulator.SimulatorImpl.pulse(

            at com.itko.util.Pulse.execPulse(

            at com.itko.util.Pulse.eventReceipt(

            at com.itko.util.EventThread.execEvents(



    I've got the same error on DevTest 8.1

    In each case, the virtual service was working.

    How can I solve this error message ? 


    Best regards,



  • 2.  Re: DevTest logs "Coordinator died" exception in VSE logs
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    Posted 12-20-2017 08:43 AM

    Hi Benoit,


    Since you have also raised a support case regarding this question, we shall address it there.

    A summary of any appropriate information will be posted here for reference.

  • 3.  Re: DevTest logs "Coordinator died" exception in VSE logs

    Posted 03-26-2018 09:53 AM

    The underlying issue that causes this benign message has been addressed in DevTest 10.2