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non updating events on UMP

  • 1.  non updating events on UMP

    Posted 03-31-2018 10:19 AM

    Hello all,

    I work with UMP portal.

    My NOC room operators complain that every hour they need to refresh the browser. If they don't refresh it, the events stop updating. Is anyone familiar with this problem and have a resolution for it?

  • 2.  Re: non updating events on UMP

    Posted 04-01-2018 02:30 AM



    Encounter similar problem on 27 Mar UMP USM alarm view not updating with just around 300 plus active alarms .

    Wait for 15 -25 mins to see a flash blue entry is the alarm view which indicates a update on the alarm view.

    Had to close all not in use Infrastructure Manager Alarm List from other remote server and clear each browser cache.

    Some browser cache accumulated to 1GB on my environment most problematic PCs.

    Today check the UMP USM alarm view again and all open browser on 4 PCs seem to be updating 2-3 mins on accept and reassign alarm.



    Guan Hua

  • 3.  Re: non updating events on UMP

    Posted 04-01-2018 08:55 PM



    You can also place a javascript function setTimeout("location.reload(true);",900000); to do a reload request every 15 mins on the webpage so the client browser refreshes