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Broadcast message for workstation/WebView users

  • 1.  Broadcast message for workstation/WebView users

    Posted 03-20-2017 12:28 AM

    Hi All,
    Is it possible to send a broadcast message to all the users logging in to Workstation/WebView? Use case would be to notify users about the maintenance downtime plan.
    One approach I can think of is creating a dashboard and making it as a default dashboard for all the users using the property, "introscope.workstation.dashboard.home.dashboard" but if an user is already using a different dashboard in his user preference, this method will not work. Another way would be to create a demo alert and let it trigger at certain interval.
    Does any one has a better approach than these? Any suggestion is appreciated.



    Mukesh Singh

  • 2.  Re: Broadcast message for workstation/WebView users

    Posted 03-20-2017 09:07 AM

    Hi Mukesh:

      Converting to a discussion since more of a best/practice or how to:

       Here are some thoughts from some members of the Support Team.


    1) Doing an EPAgent log scrape of logged in users amd then email them. 

    2)  According to documentation, there is “Work with Alert Downtime Schedules”:




    You may also ask in the internal groups as well (Yammer - APM TEch, APM EF) as well


    Let us know if this is helpful.



    Hal German

  • 3.  Re: Broadcast message for workstation/WebView users

    Posted 03-20-2017 09:55 PM

    Good Morning Hal,



    Thanks for the suggestions but unfortunately these are not much helpful for

    me because getting log scrapper and emailing customer is not possible in my

    environment as the user IDs in APM doesn't translate to any email address

    and they are generic IDs. The other option about *“Work with Alert Downtime

    Schedules*” also won't work because I had just mentioned it as an use case

    but is not only limited to it and there are various scenarios where I would

    like to use the message broadcasting, example: Convey about upgrade plan,

    migration plan and any other information related to APM service.



    Thanks & Regards,

    Mukesh Singh


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  • 4.  Re: Broadcast message for workstation/WebView users

    Posted 03-21-2017 04:22 AM

    One More workaround would be to modify the webview page to add custom information so that at least webview users can be notified, but not sure which file we have to modify in order to achieve something similar to below screenshot.

    WebView Custom Information



    Mukesh Singh

  • 5.  Re: Broadcast message for workstation/WebView users

    Posted 03-21-2017 08:12 AM

    Hi Mukesh:

    It is too bad that these suggestions were not of much help. Please consider discussing on the internal forums as suggested earlier.



    Good luck and please keep us updated with your progress! 



    Hal German