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OWB Connection Error: OnDemand Customer

  • 1.  OWB Connection Error: OnDemand Customer

    Posted 01-31-2018 01:36 PM

    Good Afternoon,


    I am wondering if any other  ondemand customer encountered this issue. December 2nd our Internet Engineering team introduced the use of a PAC file on each device. We then started to see connection error when launching OWB, it doesnt happen to all users for instance we had one user who experienced the issue yesterday and came back to work today and was able to launch OWB successfully. This issue only occurs on our internal network, when using other networks such as a Mifi or hotspot the user is able to connect. Also if the user encounters the issue, we would hard code the proxy information and OWB would launch.  Our IE team is baffled. I was thinking it was a load balance issue on the proxy server but the IE team says it isn't.  


    Here are is the breakdown below








    Does OWB or Schedule Connect pickup the proxy information from the device somewhere.  (Registry , Browser, PAC file) If not why have the PAC file changes impacted the connection with CA PPM? 







    We had a working session today with the Internet Engineering Team, Desktop Engineering Team and Network Operations, we used two devices. Here is the information found below that we need answers on during the call. Keep in mind the issue doesn’t happen with all users.


    1st Device

    1. We used a new machine with our standard image using our network

    2.  Launched OWB and the connection error occurred

    3. Hard coded the proxy information in OWB via the setup and it worked




    2nd Device

    1. User launched OWB and the error DID NOT occur using our network

    2. Hard coded proxy information

    3. Used external network (Mifi jetpack)

    4. Launch OWB with the hard code proxy setting installed and it still worked.


    On the 2nd device while using the external network (Mifi jetpack)

     we also hard code our proxy settings in Internet Explorer which stopped IE from working,  we were then able to launch npWbench and login while launching the program directly.



    Based on the feedback from CA


    OWB does not use the configurations, if a proxy is really required it needs to be configured in OWB. The question is, it doesn't happen to all users so it is inconsistent? For some users a proxy is required and for some users the proxy isn't  required using the same network. I think this is where the confusion is.   Everyone is the room was completely baffled at this point.


    This is Victor's response in regards to the subnet Theory (sent email previously)

    Primary we need the following question answer.

    looked into the code and verified to my satisfaction that we do not have the ability to detect proxy configurations using PAC/WPAD configurations,  Here are the answers to the three questions:


    If OWB does not have the ability to detect the proxy configuration using PAC/WPAD file, how is it possible that we have been able to fix the issue by adding the affected workstation IP address to the WPAD file?  This practice has worked when opening OWB directly or via the web browser.


    We also have working and non-working workstations within the same subnet, which rules out the subnet theory.  




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