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Set the Release of a ARA Package in a job-script

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  • 1.  Set the Release of a ARA Package in a job-script

    Posted 12-08-2014 09:51 AM

    We get ARA packages from Jenkins using the ARA plugin. I want to add the correct Release (as set up in ARA) to the ARA Package during the preparationscript in AE (which today loads commit-texts from Mercurial and puts them on the ARA Package).

    We have put a Dynamic Property on the Jenkins build step which is available in the AE-job-script.

    The question is: What code do i need to write in order the get the Release list from ARA/AE and then put the value that match the Dynamic Property onto the ARA Package?

    (Today we can manually assign a Release to  the ARA Package but we want to automate this).


  • 2.  Set the Release of a ARA Package in a job-script
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    Posted 12-18-2014 03:46 AM

    Answer from Automic:

    Automatic setting the release of a package can be done using ARA ImportExportCLI. You'd need to do the following steps:

    1) Export the created package via "export" to xml or csv: Exported file will contain the property system_release.system_name which is empty.

    2) Adapt the exported file to set the name of the release and then import it with "import" command: Release of the package will be set. Note: To get the list of Releases you can also use the ARA "export" function.

    You can use ImportExportCLI either by command-line tools or by directly calling the WebService. Please see "ARA Integration Guide", chapter 3 - Import and Export services.