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ldap auth issue

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  • 1.  ldap auth issue

    Posted 03-10-2018 03:06 PM

    Hello Team


    we are currently facing ldap auth issue in sdm...see the following error....But same configuration(CN & DN) done in EEM and it is authenticated with AD. but sdm not thus we not able to search ldap users........


    AD is pingable and port is also telnet


    what could be issue..pls advise



    :43.25 ITSD ldap_agent_nxd 8460 SIGNIFICANT ldap_agent.c 3043 LDAP_Server connecting to host( port(389)
    03/11 00:47:46.27 ITSD ldap_agent_nxd 8460 ERROR ldap_agent.c 3210 LDAP_Server ldap_bind() error(014F10B8); username(CN=



  • 2.  Re: ldap auth issue
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    Posted 03-11-2018 01:36 PM

    Hi Aamir,


    The issue you are facing is usually not an SDM issue, but rather a direct LDAP or credentials issue. As can be seen from the screen print of the pdm_ldap_test, the issue has to do with invalid credentials. As such, a ping to the LDAP server is in my opinion irrelevant.The easiest way to validate if the credentials you are providing are correct would be to use an external tool like JXploper (JXplorer - an open source ldap browser ). If you are unable to login or traverse AD tree via JXploer, then you need to reach out to your AD Administrator for assistance.



    Kind Regards,