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How to set the path for LISA_RELATIVE_PROJ_ROOT in Service image manager

  • 1.  How to set the path for LISA_RELATIVE_PROJ_ROOT in Service image manager

    Posted 04-12-2018 08:34 AM

    Hi All,


    I'm trying to create service Images using the traffic file and the VRS file in the service Image Manager.Below is the command I'm trying from the command line.


    ServiceImageManager.exe -v D:\SplitXmls\test.vrs -i D:\SplitXmls\traffic.xml -s D:\ServiceImageMangerVSI\ServiceName.vsi


    The Image I'm trying to create uses a copybook DPH and the same is being provisioned by the vrs file, but the issue I see is the path which gives the location to the payload mapping file in represented as below in the vrs file.




    When executed, I get a file not found exception and the VSI is not created. Since the service Image manager is running from a command line, how will the {{LISA_RELATIVE_PROJ_ROOT}} will be resolved. 


    Do I need to hard code the  {{LISA_RELATIVE_PROJ_ROOT}}  with the folder path which contains the Payloadmapping file?

    Secondly, the vrs file is also used by the image manager to load the MQ assets. I believe even those cannot be resolved as the path for the config is represented as below.

    <AssetInfo type="javax.jms.Destination" hashcode="999839010"><Url>config://dest-EA6062C2205E11E8BF32005056A91D94</Url>


    Could you please advice how we can get around with these issues. Do I need to alter the VRS file as mentioned above to handle these issues?