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Heap size approaching limit

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  • 1.  Heap size approaching limit

    Posted 02-26-2018 08:33 AM



    I have installed an agent on a weblogic server. After few hours, the following message appeared :

    [DevTest AGENT:A][WARN][40219][28][Stats Gathering Thread][02/26 13:13:37 (134)] Heap size approaching limit


    Then the HEAP memory had been incremented by about 30% (768 -> 1024 in order to make disappear the message.

    But the message still appears.


    Is this due to the behaviour of the GC or something else ?


    Thanks by advance.



  • 2.  Re: Heap size approaching limit
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    Posted 02-26-2018 04:46 PM

    Hi Benoit, 


    When you add the DevTest agent, increasing the heap size by 30% is a good rule of thumb. However depending on message size, message load, agent capture levels, etc... the memory may need to be adjusted a little more.


    The default setting that will trigger the "Heap size approaching limit" are:

    Memory:  > 95% of heap or > 90% of permgen for 10 seconds.


    You can take three approaches for this message:

    1. Ignore the message, it is only a warning. It may indicate an issue but if your application is running correctly and you rarely see this message, it can safely be ignored.

    2. Increase the JVM's heap size. In your case, 1280 or 1536 maybe required.

    3. Increase the time interval required to trigger the warning message.

    • Start the ATK.
    • Select the correct agent.
    • An "Overview" window will display. Expand the "Settings" section.
    • Select "stats/alarm"
    • Increase the value for stats.alarm.threshold.heap.num.intervals
    • Click "Save". Note: You must leave the above field before Save is available.


    Best Regards, 


    CA Application Insight Support