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CA PM 3.5 / CA VNA 3.5 - Second Sprint Review

  • 1.  CA PM 3.5 / CA VNA 3.5 - Second Sprint Review

    Posted 09-29-2017 09:23 AM

    Our second sprint review for the PM 3.5 / VNA 3.5 development cycle will be this Thurs, Oct 5, 10am-12pm ET.


    Some of the features we are targeting for review include:

    • Fault Tolerant Data Aggregator
    • New CA PM System Status View
    • In Service Upgrade of Data Collectors
    • Unified CABI Group Trend Report
    • Improved Shading for Trend charts with Business Hours


    Here’s the link to the event in the CA IM Pre-Release Group: CA Performance Management 3.5 Demo


    If you are not already a member of the CA IM Pre-Release Group and would like to join, email Team-CAPerformanceManagementTeam@ca.com.


    Hope to see you there!